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Agave & Lavender Thermal Protectant Creme 4oz


Provides superior protection for the next level of thermal styling. Seals in moisture especially for dry and medium to coarse hair.

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NEW Design Essentials® Agave & Lavender Thermal Protectant Crème- Step 4 in our advanced Blow-Dry & Silk Press Collection. This lightweight and effective thermal crème seals in moisture, provides superior heat protection, and creates a silky-smooth finish to naturally curly or coily hair while preventing reverting or “swelling” at the roots due to lack of moisture. Works especially well on dry, medium to coarse hair (type 4 textures) craving additional hydration and high-gloss shine.

Our Thermal Protectant Creme is specially formulated with encapsulated mango fruit butter and a proprietary blend of restorative vitamins and superfoods, like green tea and broccoli oil, that bind together to actively repair split ends and major damage. The proprietary blend of ingredients provide thermal protection to prevent future damage caused by heat styling and UVA and UVB rays and replenishes each strand with nourishing vitamins and soothing fruit butter to even the most damaged, lifeless hair.

How Does It Work?

Our Thermal Protectant Crème is attracted to the damaged areas of your hair! The encapsulated mango fruit butter and a proprietary blend of restorative vitamins and superfoods attach to split ends and damaged areas along the hair shaft and forms a nourishing sealant that not only binds and fills in weak, damaged cuticles but also restores the hair with vital moisture, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants so lifeless hair is healthier, stronger and full of body and life once again!

• Effective heat protection up to 420 degrees
• Protects against reversion due to humidity
• Lacquer shine and long-lasting style

No Gluten – No Paraben – No Petrolatum – No D.E.A.

Key Ingredient:

  • Mango Butter – an intensive moisturizer that softens

Design Essential Pro-Tip for Lacquer Shine & Long-Lasting Style – If you have dry or 4C hair and want a polished, silky-smooth thermal press that won’t damage your curls when you decide to wear your hair natural, follow these pro-tips:

  1. Section hair as desired prior to thermal styling and apply a pea-sized amount of Thermal Protect Crème from roots to ends on each section being sure to make sure the hair is properly moisturized.
  2. Flat-iron or thermal style 1” sections using a fine-tooth comb to guide your strands through the thermal tool.
  3. Wrap hair with a silk or satin head scarf at night to preserve your silk-press.

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